Chapel Hill Skies


It was cloudy and rainy most of today, but the sun came out towards the end.

This makes my mouth water
– Class starts tomorrow. I hope I’m not stretching myself too thin between class, schoolwork, class-related service learning, work at the library, and the couple of organizations I’d like to join. I hope I don’t become too obsessive about school work and start letting anxiety get the better of me as I did in high school. I hope I don’t lose sight of prioritizing self-reflection/meditation/swimming/running/yoga/rock climbing (?)/free time/recording.
This is beautiful
– I just finished watching The Loneliest Planet. It is a wonderful movie that follows an engaged couple’s relationship and trek through some of Georgia(the country)’s stunning mountains. But a sudden mishap, lasting no more than a few seconds, changes the nature of their relationship and forces both of them to question their lives together. A truly beautiful before-and-after story.

Check out the trailer if you’re interested (the scenery and shots are incredible!):

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